Community Proposal Pilot (CPP) update August 15 2016

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the 2016-17 Programme Year were open from 10am July 4 2016 to 5pm July 29 2016 for AMES Australia, the Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) and Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC). Illawarra Multicultural Services (IMS) and Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre (LMRC) were open for a further two weeks until August 15 2016.

EOIs are are now closed and no further EOIs will be accepted.

The screening of EOIs lodged with AMES, BSL & MRCSA is taking place from Monday August 1 2016.  The screening of EOIs lodged with IMS & LMRC will commence from Tuesday 16 August 2016.

You will be contacted eight (8) weeks from the closing date of your chosen organisation as to whether you have been selected for the programme.

As with previous years, we have experienced a high number of EOIs and have only limited places. Many EOIs will not be selected for the programme.

For further updates on the programme, please continue to monitor this website.

Community Proposal Pilot (CPP) update for 2016-2017 programme year

The Community Proposal Pilot (CPP) is a programme being trialled by the Australian Government to provide a mechanism for communities within Australia to identify and support individuals in humanitarian situations offshore for entry into Australia.

Under the Pilot, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has entered into a Deed of Agreement with Approved Proposing Organisations (APOs). The APOs are well established community organisations who have been approved to propose people in humanitarian situations offshore for entry into Australia under the Humanitarian Programme, subject to their application being successful. APOs are also responsible for assisting with the settlement of successful applicants.

Upon completion of the EOIs screening process, APOs will contact supporting community members/organisations whose EOIs have been successful, to begin the process of a formal application. APOs will only assess EOIs that are submitted through this website. No other application process will be considered.

As with previous years, we expect there will be a high demand for a limited number of places under the CPP. Therefore, as in previous years, please be aware that many EOIs will not progress to a formal application.